Storycatching in Peru: Sechura Desert, Andes Mountains, Amazon Jungle





Hola from Peru!  I arrived in Piura, Peru by bus via Ecuador about three weeks ago and it has already been a whirlwind of getting to know multiple ministries, hearing the stories of Peruvian people, visiting cultural sites, listening to regional music and trying local dishes.  While in Peru, I will be focusing on how the reading, listening, and preaching of Scripture (the Story of God) leads Christian communities to participate in not only ecclesial service but also in everyday civic society.  For many Christians in Peru, the Gospel story has become a voice for denouncing economic, political, and ecological injustices as they seek to remind Peru’s society and government of the stories of the forgotten ones in their midst.  I will observe how Truth and Reconciliation Commissions as well as local congregations have used the biblical narrative in their community’s storytelling traditions to expand on how the Story gives voice to the marginalized of society through peace and justice.

Here´s a breakdown of the last few weeks:

Piura – I visited with WMPL missionaries and locals who are beginning the process of church planting and discipleship in the desert of Northern Peru.  

Chiclayo – Peruvian Lutherans in the Iglesia Luterana Evangélica de Chiclayo (ILECH) took me on a tour of their congregations and efforts to bring the good news of Christ to their neighborhoods through vacation Bible school, music ministries, and health campaigns.

Trujillo, La Magdalena, Chocofán – Peruvian Lutherans in the Iglesia Luterana Evangélica de Perú (ILEP) have taught me the importance of holistic ministry, empowered by the Story of God at work in the world.  Being the top country in Latin America with cases of Tuberculosis, local parishioners in Trujillo are inspired by the Gospel of Christ to attend to the whole of the person (mind, body, soul) and are involved with campaigns to bring relief to those who suffer from sickness and violence in the community.

This evening I will be heading to Huaráz and then onto Huanuco.  I will be spending time with Bible Translators as well as local Quechua Christians who are embracing the Gospel Story as their own as they live in community.

I thank you for your prayers and your accompaniment along this journey with me.


Storycatching Tour Peru Edition!  Tumbes—Piura—Chiclaylo—Trujillo—La Magdalena—Chocofan—Huaráz—Huanuco—✈Lima✈Cusco—Arequipa—Cusco—Ollantaytambo—Machu Picchu—Sacred Valley✈Iquitos—Amazon River✈Lima✈Juliaca—Puno—Lake Titicaca

Peace from Peru,


Participated with local Peruvians and members of the ILECH in the One Billion Rising demonstration in Chiclayo (Un Billón De Pie).

Youth group from San Antonio, Chiclayo are so passionate about sharing the story of Christ with their neighbors.  Many of these youth travel hours away to read scripture with the people and preach in surrounding towns.

At the Museo de Cao in La Magdalena off the coast of the Pacific. This Moche temple was constructed over 500 years before the Incan empire.

Cañan (lizard) is a delicacy of San Pedro.  I was invited to try Ceviche de Cañan with Hermano Jorge, who pastors four congregations in Trujillo and the surrounding towns.  

Tastes like chicken! … Only a bit more chewy…

Learning some new tunes and sharing some of my own with San Andres Lutheran congregation in Trujillo.  The Andean music of this region is simply beautiful.


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