Juan Carlos’ Story – Juan Carlos Jesusta crishcamunda

Juan Carlos, a young Christian of Salasaca, shares his testimony in the Salasacan dialect of Quichua. The translation into English is below:

”When I came to know the Heavenly Father, I didn´t come to know Him here in Salasaca, I met Him in another town which is Altobalo. There, I met Him in a very distinct and special way. It was a special manner in which I met the Lord and after I came to Salasaca, the brothers and sisters of this church in Salasaca helped me a lot. They taught me and discipiled in me in how to act as a new believer, how one guards their walk inside and outside the church.

But it was also very difficult because my parents are not Christians. This makes things difficult because my father, who is not a Christian, drinks alcohol a lot, which makes me feel bad. But the people in the church have helped me feel better in how to communicate with my parents in a better way. Now I am able to express myself in a good way with my parents because we get along. What I would like to say is that we all should follow the Father because when you follow the Father and you are with Him, you discover an inner peace that you cannot discover anywhere else or when you are far away from Him. For example, before, I consumed a lot of alcohol and I did bad things, well, in my opinion they were bad. But later, when I met God, I realized that I was on the wrong path.

My friends and companions from the church have helped me a lot. I know that God is with me, I can do anything because He is a great support for me, although no one else supports me, He is always with me. The only thing more I can say is that living with God is the best and we all should do it because it is the only way to find inner peace within ourselves because without that peace we will never be happy. He is our happiness.

That is my story and I have wanted to follow Him and praise Him in a way that is actualized in my life. Now [in Salasaca] most of the teenagers and young adults do not follow God and it is very distinct. My great hope is that all of them come to know God and follow Him. Follow God because it is the only thing that will bring us peace. May God bless you all!”

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