Jenny’s Story — Jenny Jesusta crishcamunda

Jenny, a young Christian of Salasaca, shares her testimony in the Salasacan dialect of Quichua. The translation into English is below:

”When I was a little girl, I always felt alone and that I didn’t matter to anyone. My father and mother didn’t live together and because my father’s family marginalized us. I grew up with this feeling of sadness. But there was a change when I began to know and walk with God. God helped me and has been with me in all times. When I was sad or needed someone, I always thought that a friend would ask me, ´How are you? Are you alright? Do you need something?´ But that hardly ever happened that they would ask me about how I was doing. But there was one person who was always concerned about me and I thank that person that never stopped supporting me. And also, God was always with me. Thanks to God I have maintained myself here. There was a time where I felt very sad. I asked God to help me and to take away my sadness. God answered my prayer and I decided to be baptized and follow in God’s path and to be a help in the church and to help others who have felt the same as me. I was baptized and until now I have felt good. I would like to walk in the path of God until the last days of my life.”

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