Guillermo’s Story — Guillermo Jesusta crishcamunda

Guillermo, a church youth group leader of Salasaca, shares his testimony in the Salasacan dialect of Quichua. The translation into English is below:

”A special greeting to all who know me in Ecuador, in foreign lands and Europe. A greeting in the name in our Lord Jesus Christ to all I know. My name is Guillermo Masaquiza. Above all, I am a young Christian. I have been a Christian since I was a child. My mother brought me to the church since I was six months old. From then on I maintained in the church. My mother taught me the principles of the Bible and what God wants for each of us, what we want out of life, what young people should do, and that the young people of our country would carry out a revolution that shows the love of God. When I was 17 years old I was baptized and I came to know the true love of God. Since 17, I have pertained to a church and now I am 27 years old and I don’t regret it. I don’t regret it because God has given me so many things — studies, wisdom, a job, and above all a good testimony for Him to have the strength to continue forward according to the word of God.

Jesus said ‘Pray and ask I will give it to you.’ Knowing this I have spent time in prayer to God that He would help me in my teenage and young adult years because I want to be a youth of good testimony according to his word. Thanks to God, the majority of the youth here know me and have asked me, ‘How is it that you are different? We go out partying all the time and getting drunk, sleeping around with a lot of women, we’ve had children with different women. How is it that you have maintained your path and you don’t do those things? How I would like to live a life like yours!’ What I have told them is that all you have to do is accept Jesus in your heart and He will help you prevent from doing bad things and things that aren’t good for you. So, God helps us so that we can have a new life. The answer is God — accept God and you will have a new life and will be born again. God is calling you and now is the time to draw close to God. Draw close to God because it is the best decision you can make. The only thing I can tell you is that the only thing I have to offer you as a gift is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ does not have a price; He is the best gift that you can have in your heart. Follow God because God has given us the promise of eternal life to all who follow Him according to his word. So, I believe in this. For that reason I continue following God.

Some people ask, ‘Why are you in church when so-and-so act like this or that? Why do you follow God when even church leaders act like this or that?´ I don’t follow any leader or friend or denomination. I follow Jesus, God, putting Him in the first place in my life. We are following God — not a pastor or leader or president — but God. Of course we are not perfect — no one is perfect but God is ready and willing to have mercy on each of us sinners. We have to continue forward, even when we fall, we have to get up while we have the chance when we are alive because when we are dead it will be too late. If we ask from our hearts for God to forgive us for the bad things we have done, God is ready [to forgive].

As God has given me a gift to compose music and play guitar and sing with my voice, I have wanted to serve only God. God has given me talent with instruments and singing. Sometimes I have friends who are musicians, Christians and non-Christians, who have invited me to sing and play with them in their bands and compose with them in different parts of the country. But for me, the themes are always about betrayal, revenge, hate, bitterness. No. For me, I am not for that. I am for composing worship and songs that shows the love of God. Through music we can share the power and love of God to all the people who want to know about the love of God.

Sometimes I begin to pray at four o’clock or five o´clock in the morning, I start to play guitar and compose songs.

(Guillermo plays an original song that says — ‘Today I am here before you. Today I humble myself. Thank you for guarding my youth. I am happy before you. I do not know how to thank you for all you have done for me.’)”

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