Ecuador – From the Andes to the Coast


16 de enero de 2014          Salasaca, Ecuador

Imanalla (imanaja)!  Greetings from the Quichua-speaking community of Salasaca, Ecuador!  Last Tuesday I landed in Quito, Ecuador and reunited with brothers and sisters I had met from my 2008 Youth Encounter tour with Kindred.  It was a delight catching up on the last six years over warm caldos and tea.  After a couple of days of getting used to the altitude (whoah 9,350ft high!), exploring the city by taxi, and attending a service at Iglesia Palabra y Verdad (one of the Lutheran churches in Ecuador) I was well on my way to Salasaca, Ecuador via pick-up truck.


While in Ecuador, I will be focusing on how Bible translation/interpretation and Bible study aids in the practice of storytelling within a faith community.  In Salasaca, I am spending time with a team made up of American citizens and native Salasacans who are laboring to translate the New Testament into their local Quichua dialect.  I am also spending my afternoons with kids at the local Compassion International school as they listen to recently translated Bible stories come to life in their classrooms…and of course, play soccer with them during recess!  After my time in Salasaca, I will travel with leaders from the Lutheran Bible Institute in Guayaquil to Quichua Christian communities in Cañar and Chimborazo.  I will also meet with leaders from Paz y Esperanza, a Christian human rights organization, before heading through Machala on the way to Peru for the next part of the journey.

Thank you for your prayers as I transition from my time in Guatemala to my time in Ecuador.  Stay tuned for stories from Salasaca!

Diosbendiceachun (God Bless You),

Rachel Ringlaben
It was such a joy to reunite with Pastor Roberto Chinchin (president of the Iglesia Evangélica Confesional Luterana de Ecuador) and his wife, Josefina, who were our hosts when I came to Ecuador with Kindred in 2008.

The famous metal ”Virgen del Panecillo” sculpture that depicts St. John’s vision of the woman defeating the dragon in Revelation 12.

Standing below the famous ”Panecillo” sculpture that stands tall above Quito’s mountainous metropolis. 

I got to hear the story of Jonah, translated into the Salasacan dialect of Quichua, read by a Compassion school teacher, who then invited her students to tell their own version of the story.

Fútbol time!!!!  Our team won – that’s what’s up.

njoying yuca frita with peanut sauce and fresh pineapple juice after our soccer match.



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One thought on “Ecuador – From the Andes to the Coast

  1. Helen Widner

    thanks for sharing and we will continue to lift you and the mission…blessings Helen Ponca City OK VdC 15

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