Song Debut at Casa de Abuelitos

Every Friday is my music day with the elders and today was a special day at Casa de Abuelitos! I got the chance to debut the fourth song that we’ve been able to translate from English into the Mayan language of Tz’utujil spoken in Santiago Atitlán. The elders loved it!!! I have to give a shout out to my fellow musicians and friends, David “Agape” Scherer & Rachel Kurtz, for agreeing to let me translate & perform this song.

“Lamb of God” by David Scherer
Translated into Tz’utujil by Esteban Sapalú & Rachel Ringlaben
Performed by Rachel Ringlaben

Today was also a special day because I invited a local high school student, Otoniel Choy, to accompany me on guitar. I first met Otoniel when I was invited to be the featured musician at his church’s youth event in San José Chacayá back in September. He was one of the opening acts before I performed. I was blown away not only by this kid’s talent, song writing ability and musicality, but also by his heart for leading others in worship. I was so blessed that he accepted my invitation to share his gifts with our elders.

Check out Agape* Dave’s hiphop outreach —>
Check out Rachel Kurtz’ music ministry —>

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